Meet Kevin

Kevin Eckert was born in Rochester, NY, where he lived most of his life until he moved to New Ellenton, SC in 2016.

While working at the Savannah River Ecology Log helping with Wild pig research, he developed a love of South Carolina's environment. After his contract ended, he decided to stay and build a life in South Carolina. 

At the end of 2017, Kevin accepted a job with the USDA Wildlife Services and moved to Sumter. As a Biological Science Technician, Kevin handled beaver-related issues for Clarendon, Calhoun, Sumter, and Lee counties. 

At the beginning of 2018, Kevin decided to start getting involved in South Carolina Democratic politics. He eventually served in leadership roles with both the Sumter County Democratic party and the Young Democrats of South Carolina.

Kevin's driving passions in politics is fighting for the environment and fighting to give a voice to those who are overlooked in South Carolina. He has volunteered with SC Audubon and the Conservation Voters of South Carolina while his job with the USDA opened his eyes to the struggles many small towns in the district face. He saw forgotten communities and consistently met people who felt that their voice did not matter to those in power. He developed a passion for voting rights and serves as a poll manager in Sumter County on election day. He regularly goes to the SC Statehouse to provide testimony on a variety of bills, attends protests and lobby days at the statehouse and works to increase youth involvement in the political process.

Kevin currently resides in Sumter, SC with his partner, Cat Saunders and their two snakes and three cats: Agnar, Snowflake and Annabel. When he isn't busy with politics, he likes to travel with Cat to see historical sites and try new foods. He is a passionate fan of the Buffalo Bills and is an avid sneakerhead.